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Do you have washing machine worries? We can lend a helping hand! There's never a convenient time for your washing machine to develop a fault or perform poorly, but when your appliance does suffer a problem just pick up the phone to call Domestic Appliance Service. Whether you're bothered by a washing machine leak, loss of power or excessive noise, we can offer expert advice and reliable repairs.

- Washing machine doors

- Washing machine seals

- Washing machine carbon brushes

- Washing machine bearings

- Washing machine drum lifters

- Washing machine repairs

- Washing machine spares

- Washing machine motors

- Washing machine pumps

- Washing machine belts


Don't worry over your washing machine! Call us for washing machine repairs on:

Washing machine worries?

At Domestic Appliance Service we stock replacement parts and washing machine spares for most brands and most models at our fully stocked shop. Are you searching for a specific spare? We could just have it in stock! Visit or call us on 01226 206 493. Should the part you're looking for be unavailable we will always do our best to order in.

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